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Year 6

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!


Welcome back pupils! We've had some strange times, but we're so grateful to be welcoming you all back for the start of the school year - this your last one at Townhill! We know the return is going to be strange, so please remember we are all here if you need us for anything.


Y6 line up in the top yard at 8.50 in the mornings. Attendance and punctuality are crucial in Y6 in preparing your child for comprehensive school. We start work straight away so every minute late is one less minute learning! We finish at 3.20pm and we leave the school via the bottom doors next to Nursery. If you need any further information, please contact us at the school, via Class Dojo or via email:

Mrs Brodrick -

Mrs Archard -


Despite the strange times, we are hoping to have as "normal" a year as possible! On this page you will find lots of important information about what's going on in Year 6 this term. As we go through the current academic year, we will be displaying some of our fantastic work, as well as photos of the fun activities and school trips (hopefully!) we've been on.


General Y6 information


Y6 is an extremely important year group, in order to prepare pupils for life in comprehensive school. Attendance is extremely important, as even missing just one day will mean missing a great deal with work. We would be grateful for your support in ensuring the highest attendance possible. We understand in the current situation parents may be concerned about ill-health; please contact us at the school if you have any concerns so we can discuss your concerns. 


Laptops & IPads

We are extremely lucky to have laptops for each pupil and a bank of iPads in Year 6, to enhance the learning of our pupils. The pupils will be using their laptops to access Hwb, using a range of applications to complete their work. We will be using Microsoft Teams to complete "Missions" work and weekly spellings will also be posted on here. Pupils will be using a range of apps on their iPads such as Book Creator, IMovie, Popplet, etc. Pupils will also be able to use the internet to access their school Reading Eggs, Mathletics, Times Tables Rockstars and My Maths accounts. Screen time is monitored to ensure the health of our pupils. 



This year we will be attempting something new with the pupils as we will be setting all spellings and homework through Microsoft Teams. This was very successful during Lockdown as it can be accessed either using a laptop or as an app on phones, meaning pupils can complete work on paper if they wish and upload photos of this. Weekly spelling words will be given to the pupils every Friday, in preparation for a spelling test the following Friday. There will be 3 sets of words (1 chilli, 2 chilli and 3 chilli sets) and pupils can choose which set they wish to learn and complete during spelling test time, deciding whether to challenge themselves or remain in their comfort zone. Pupils are expected to learn these words as part of their weekly homework.

Any additional practice of times tables at home would be fantastic - all pupils have been given their login details for their accounts. Please see your class teacher if you need these details. 



Our pupils are reading continuously in class in their lessons, but also during a weekly guided reading session and weekly individual reading with the class teaching assistant. Reading at home with your child will not only improve their skills, but also sends a positive message that reading is an essential skill for life. Pupils can also access their Reading eggs accounts at home to practise their reading skills. 



Y6 pupils have weekly PE on a Thursday morning this term, participating in rugby sessions from a qualified WRU officer.  It is extremely important that pupils are correctly equipped for their lessons with correct clothing, footwear and no jewellery being worn. Due to current regulations, PE kit is to be worn to school as children will not be able to get changed in school. PE is a part of the National Curriculum, just as important as all other subjects, so all pupils are expected to participate.  


Autumn Term

During the Autumn term, our topic was 'Battles & Conflicts'. The pupils enjoyed learning all about various battles and conflicts that occurred over the years, in particular WWI and WWII, to more modern conflicts over use of nuclear weapons. They explored key issues in society, such as women's protesting to be allowed to vote and racial divisions in our society through history. They have thoroughly enjoyed the work we have done!

Spring Term

Our topic this term is "Popular Culture", discussing the impact of sport, fashion, technology, film & theatre and music on our everyday lives. We will be exploring how to write reports using the theme of movies, creating graphs on the theme of the greatest music artists of all time and many more exciting activities.  

Summer Term

Our topic this term is "Life", exploring the suggested beginnings of the Earth from different viewpoints, the human life cycles and environmental impacts on our Earth. We will be exploring animals and plants, their life cycle, endangered species and what we can do to protect our planet. Let's hope for some lovely weather to get outside as much as possible!

Summer Term moments!

Freaky Friday activities

Every Friday the pupils are really enjoying using their "pupil voice" We have now replaced our traditional golden time with "Freaky Friday" where the pupils have the opportunity to plan in advance, the activities they would like to complete. It still takes place every Friday afternoon and is a behaviour incentive.