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Hi our wonderful Y6's! We are missing you all so much! Whilst we are off keeping safe at home, we will be setting you six different tasks every week, based around the six areas of learning. You can complete these electronically in Word or J2E and share them with us, or if you haven't got access to a laptop, you can complete them on paper and take a photo to send us via email. We are also setting extra challenges on Reading Eggs and ActiveLearn - plus you have TTRS, so plenty to keep you busy if you're bored! Please email us if there are any problems! If you've misplaced any of your login information, please call the school and somebody will help you out :-)

Week 2 tasks
Week 4 tasks
Week 6 Tasks

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!


This is the Year 6 section to our website! Here you will find lots of important information about what's going on in Year 6 this term. As we go through the current academic year, we will be displaying some of our fantastic work, as well as photos of the fun activities and school trips we've been on.


General Y6 information


Y6 is an extremely important year group, in order to prepare pupils for life in comprehensive school. Attendance is extremely important, as even missing just one day will mean missing a great deal with work. We would be grateful for your support in ensuring the highest attendance possible.

Laptops & IPads

We are extremely lucky to have a set of laptops and iPads for each pupil in Year 6, to enhance the learning of our pupils. The pupils will be using their laptops to access Hwb, using a range of applications to complete their work. Pupils will be using a range of apps on their iPads such as Book Creator, IMovie, Popplet, etc. Pupils will also be able to use the internet to access their school reading eggs, Active Learn and Times Tables Rockstars accounts. Screen time is monitored to ensure the health of our pupils. 


Weekly spelling words are given to the pupils every Friday, in preparation for a spelling test the following Friday. Pupils are expected to learn these words and complete one homework task weekly from a provided list. These tasks can be completed in any order and pupils will be rewarded with house points for completion. Every Monday there is a homework club at lunchtime in the ICT suite, for pupils to wish to complete tasks in school using our school ICT facilities. (See below for a list of our current topic's homework tasks)

Any additional practice of times tables at home would be fantastic - all pupils have been given their login details for their Active Learn and Times Tables Rockstars accounts. Please see your class teacher if you need these details. 


Our pupils are reading continuously in class in their lessons, but also during a weekly guided reading session and weekly individual reading with the class teaching assistant. Reading at home with your child will not only improve their skills, but also sends a positive message that reading is an essential skill for life. Pupils can also access their Reading eggs accounts at home to practise their reading skills. On the 1st Monday of every month, pupils will be attending the local library to return and loan new books. This is a superb service which pupils can also use outside of school. 


Y6 pupils have PE weekly on a Tuesday - Mr Stones' class are currently swimming in the National Pool, while Mrs Brodrick's class are completing PE lessons in school. It is extremely important that pupils are correctly equipped for their lessons with correct clothing, footwear and no jewellery being worn. PE is a part of the National Curriculum, just as important as all other subjects, so all pupils are expected to participate.  


Autumn Term

Our topic this term is 'Ancient Egypt'. The pupils will be learning all about the Egyptians - their use of the River Nile, how they built the pyramids, Gods and Goddesses and many other aspects of Egyptian life. It is always a popular topic with the Y6 pupils!

Spring Term

Our topic this term is "Popular Culture", discussing the impact of sport, fashion, technology, film & theatre and music on our everyday lives. We will be exploring how to write reports using the theme of movies, creating graphs on the theme of the greatest music artists of all time and many more exciting activities.  

Trips & visits

Keep checking this section to see visits so far this year! 

Freaky Friday activities

Last year, we have replaced our usual golden time with "Freaky Friday" where the pupils have the opportunity to plan in advance, the activities they would like to complete. It still takes place every Friday afternoon and is a behaviour incentive. The pupils really enjoy using their "pupil voice".