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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three - Spring Term 2020!

This is the Year Three section to our website! Here you will find lots of important information about what's going on in Year Three this term. We will also be posting some of our awesome work as well as photos of the fun activities and school trips we've been on.


The Year 3 team!

The three class teachers are Mrs Jones, Mr Rees and Miss Neale. We also have Miss Williams, Mrs Hall, Miss Davies who are the class teaching assistants, and Mrs Miah and Mrs Cosker who help out on some days as part of our team.


Our topics for the Spring term 2020

Our topic for the Spring Term is Space and science-fiction. We started the term in January with an immersion day where we dressed up as all things sci-fi, space and intergalactic! Mr Rees was Doctor Who (the one with a long scarf!), Mrs Jones was an alien insect creature, Miss Neale was a robot, and Mrs Hall was a mad scientist... typecast! Everyone had a great time trying lots of different activities. From this the children decided the things they would like to learn based on our theme.  ​​​​​

               Sci-fi Immersion Day!


Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic!

Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 1
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 2
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 3
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 4
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 5
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 6
Immersion Day: 06.01.20 Sci-fi and Space Topic! 7

Our Spring term visit

We will be visiting Techniquest this term to support our topic on Space/Sci-fi, as it always guarantees a fun day out where we can learn lots! Details will follow shortly regarding date and cost.



We understand that trips can be expensive, especially if there are a few children in the family. Please remember we are always here to help - Mrs Lenihan in the office is always happy to set up weekly payment plans to make it easier and discounts for siblings are offered. Trips are a valuable part of your child's education and also extremely enjoyable!

iPad apps

Each Year Three class has 14 class iPads. We use them in all sorts of lessons. The apps that we use in class most often are:


  • Reading Eggspress
  • Flipgrid
  • Pages
  • Book Creator
  • Popplet
  • Wordfoto
  • Puppet Pals
  • Maths bingo


Year Three  after-school clubs

The Junior choir is open to all Y3,4,5 and 6 pupils. It takes place with Mrs Jones and Mrs Cosker every Wednesday after school (3.20pm - 4pm). 


Other important information for parents

Spelling words to practise for the weekly spelling test are given out on a Friday ready for the spelling quiz the following week. If help is needed then give Mr Rees, Miss Neale or Mrs Jones a shout! In Year Three we are learning the times tables up to 12 x table, so any practise with these at home would be great!


Reading Book bags are sent home every Friday and should be brought back into school every Monday. Please try to remember as reading is so important for your child.


P.E kit should be brought in for the children to get changed into (a t-shirt, shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms and trainers). Earrings need to be removed for pupils to be able to participate in the lesson.

P.E for Mr Rees' class is on a Monday.

P.E for Miss Neale's class in on a Tuesday.

P.E for Mrs Jones' class is on a Friday.

Please remember your P.E. kit... you can leave it in school to make things easier!



As with last term, the children will have homework to complete every week. Language homework will be set on Reading Eggspress and Maths homework will be set on Active Learn Primary.

Choose from the table below to work on a piece of homework every week!

Write about a journey you have taken into space. It could be on a rocket or an alien spaceship! Draw a picture. Can you start each sentence with a different sentence opener. Try and estimate how many stars you can see out of your bedroom window at night. (Clue: there may be a lot...!)

Make a list of different adjectives (describing words) for aliens.

Make a list of the kind of diet an alien might eat. Use your imagination... the sky's the limit!

Listen to the song ‘Spaceman’ by Babylon Zoo and draw a picture of what you hear and how it makes you feel.


Design a space rocket!

Create a fact file about a planet of your choice (factual or fictional.)

Research and write a list of all the planets in our solar system.

Pretend you are a space travel agent in the future - draw a poster of your space holiday destination!

Draw a map of any journey across space, with made up planet names!

Imagine you are going on a journey to an alien planet. Your bag can only hold 5 things. Can you draw the bag and its contents?

Create an acrostic poem about space.