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Swansea in Bloom

Swansea in Bloom

Mr Stones and Mr Davies always work really hard on our outdoor areas, which is a huge task with hours and days of their personal time taken to make our outdoor areas look beautiful! Every year the school enters 'Swansea in Bloom' and performs extremely well - last year after we came first and were promoted to the gold league! This past June, in our first year in the "premier league" we came an amazing 3rd place, a fantastic achievement in our first year.


Now our ducks have left us to go and live on a local farm, our downstairs quad area has been transformed into a beautiful relaxing area with it's own fish pond! Our upstairs quad remains a beautiful garden where a range of flowers and shrubs grow, with a selection of fruits and vegetables growing too. We are very lucky to have a 2nd pond here, where we currently have hundreds frogs, toads and newts living.


This year our school benefited from a "gardening amnesty" when we asked parents if they had any unwanted gardening items at home they would like to donate. The results were astounding and Mr Stones had to make extra room for everything outside of his classroom - Mr Tonkin was very busy handing out lots of extra headteacher awards too!


The gardens are now being tidied up ready for the Autumn and Winter months but there is still plenty of flowers and wildlife to spot!