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Croeso i'r Townhill Community School STF !


Welcome to the STF at Townhill Community School


Thank you for looking at our class page. We have all settled back into school life really well and we're enjoying being together again. We hope you enjoy looking at our page to see all of the lovely learning experiences that we have during our time in school.





smiley The STF Team smiley

Mrs Totty - STF Manager/Foundation Phase STF Teacher

Mrs Webb - KS2 STF Teacher

Mrs. Rayworth - FP STF Teaching Assistant

Mrs. John - FP/STF Teaching Assistant

Miss. Howard - FP STF Teaching Assistant

Miss. Shumack - FP/KS2 Teaching Assistant

Miss. Dennis - FP/KS2 Teaching Assistant

Miss. Cameron - FP Teaching Assistant

Miss. Ward - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Mason - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Osmond - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mr. Griffiths - KS2 Teaching Assistant



The STF team have all been busy since the beginning of the school year in September! The children and staff have been enjoying the new learning and play experiences each day. Have a look at our learning environment, the adventures we have been on, and all the wonderful things we have been doing below.


Our 2020/2021 topics are:


Autumn Term - 'Happy Feet.'

We will learning about the Polar Regions including The Arctic, Antarctica, polar animals, weather and survival, and climate change.


Spring Term - 'Hogwarts'

This term will be looking and talking about all things witches and wizards! We will be making magic potions and learning to write instructions.


Summer Term - 'Once upon a time'

During this term, we will be covering lots of fairy tale stories and writing some beautiful stories of our own.

Our Learning Environment


Mathematics and Numeracy

We use a variety of resources to develop our pupils' Maths and Numeracy skills. Our Maths activities are fun, practical and encourage independence. Our mathematical planning involves the five proficiencies within the curriculum. These are:


  • Conceptual understanding
  • Communication using symbols
  • Fluency
  • Logical reasoning
  • Strategic competence


We enjoy using concrete resources e.g. numicon, money, 2D and 3D shapes, counters, objects for 1-1 correspondence, and deines. Many of our activities are cross curricular, allowing the children many opportunities to consolidate their skills.

Look at our amazing 'Mathematics and Numeracy' Work!

Languages, Literacy and Communication


We are to proud to provide a language rich environment to help support our pupils' oracy, reading and

writing skills. Pupils have lots of daily challenges which provide opportunities to help them their oracy skills. We work closely with external agencies to provide 1-1 Speech and Language support. There is lots of singing, signing and fun activities in the STF. We love our 'Jolly Phonics' sessions and we have lots of fiction and non fiction books for pupils to enjoy. There are lots of opportunities for mark making, recording and writing in all our learning areas. We learn about lots of different text types including stories, recount, instructions and poetry. We are so proud of all the amazing writing in STF!

Look at our amazing 'Languages, Literacy and Communication' Work

Health and Well Being


The 'Health and Well Being' of our pupils is our utmost priority in the STF. We are developing the capacity of learners to navigate life's opportunities and challenges. The fundamental components of this Area are physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social well-being. We will support learners to understand and appreciate how the different components of health and well-being are interconnected, and it recognises that good health and well-being are important to enable successful learning. Our planning ensures a consistent approach and health and well-being permeates all aspects of life within the STF. We aim to help our pupils become 'healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. By developing learners’ motivation, resilience, empathy and decision-making abilities, we can support them to become ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives. Learners can also be supported to become ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world by developing their ability to show respect, to value equity, to listen to others and to evaluate the social influences affecting them. Through enabling learners to manage risks, express ideas and emotions, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and take on different roles and responsibilities, the learning and experience in this Area can support learners to become enterprising, creative contributors ready to play a full part in life and work.

Look at our amazing work to improve our 'Health and Well Being.'

Science and Technology


The importance of science and technology in our modern world cannot be under estimated. Developments in these areas have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives economically, culturally and environmentally. As such, the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience will be increasingly relevant in the opportunities young people encounter and the life choices that they make.Our pupils have a range of experiences and have access to a variety of resources which fosters their natural curiosity of the quickly changing world around them. Pupils have the opportunities to use an IPAD daily for a variety of educational games, along with their weekly ICT session in the schools computer suite. Some of our pupils attend the schools 'Coding Club,' using programs such as 'Scratch.'

Look at our amazing 'Science and Technology Work'



The Humanities Area of Learning seeks to awaken a sense of wonder, fire the imagination and inspire learners to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This area encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and the present.

The area encompasses geography; history; religion, values and ethics; business studies and social studies. Humanities is central to learners becoming ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.

In contemporary and historical contexts, investigation and exploration of the human experience in their own localities and elsewhere in Wales, as well as in the wider world, can help learners discover their heritage and develop a sense of place. It can also promote an understanding of how the people of Wales, its communities, history, culture, landscape, resources and industries, interrelate with the rest of the world. Contemplating different perspectives will in turn help promote an understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity within Wales. Taken together, these experiences will help learners appreciate the extent to which they are part of a wider international community, fostering a sense of belonging that can encourage them to contribute positively to their communities. It is important that learners reflect upon the impact of their actions and those of others, and how such actions are influenced by interpretations of human rights, values, ethics, philosophies, religious and non-religious views.

Look at our amazing 'Humanities' work!!

Expressive Arts


The dynamic nature of the expressive arts can engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full. The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience spans five disciplines: art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music. Although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge and body of skills, it is recognised that together they share the creative process. Importantly, this Area wants to make the expressive arts accessible to all learners and, through this inclusive approach, expand the horizons of every learner. Experiencing the expressive arts can engage learners physically, socially and emotionally, nurturing their well-being, self-esteem and resilience. This can help them become healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. Finally, through the enjoyment and personal satisfaction they gain from creative expression, learners can become more confident, which can contribute directly to enriching the quality of their lives. In the STF, all pupils get the opportunity to express themselves creatively on a daily basis. We are lucky to have access to 'Music Therapy' which we participate in weekly. 


Look at all of our amazing 'Expressive Arts' Work!!

Literacy skills

We love to explore the park and play on the equipment!

Playing in the activity park in the Gnoll!

Things we enjoy in the Infant STF!

Things we enjoy in the Junior STF!

Outdoor Learning

Exploring outdoors! Gnoll Country Park, Neath.

Our visit to Carmarthen Museum: exploring the past

Music Therapy

Autumn leaves for creating works of art!

Designing and making robots!