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Croeso i'r Townhill Community School STF !


Welcome to the STF at Townhill Community School


Hello to all our STF Pupils and Grown ups. We are all missing you lots and can't wait for the day when we're all back together. During these times, we are contactable via Class Dojo, via email and, or through our school Twitter @BubsyTownhill smiley


If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please keep sending us all of your wonderful photos, it is lovely to see what you're all up to. Take care and stay safe. Love Mrs Totty, Mrs Webb and all the staff in STF.



smiley The STF Team smiley

Mrs Totty - STF Manager/Foundation Phase STF Teacher

Mrs Webb - KS2 STF Teacher

Mrs. Rayworth - FP STF Teaching Assistant

Mrs. John - FP/STF Teaching Assistant

Miss. Howard - FP STF Teaching Assistant

Miss. Shumack - FP/KS2 Teaching Assistant

Miss. Dennis - FP/KS2 Teaching Assistant

Miss. Cameron - FP Teaching Assistant

Miss. Ward - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Mason - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Osmond - KS2 Teaching Assistant

Mr. Griffiths - KS2 Teaching Assistant



The STF team have all been busy since the beginning of the school year in September! The children and staff have been enjoying the new learning and play experiences each day. Have a look at our learning environment, the adventures we have been on, and all the wonderful things we have been doing below.


Our 2019/2020 topics are:


Autumn Term - 'To Infinity and Beyond.'

We will be looking at a variety of Disney films including The Lion King, Card, Peter Pan, Frozen, Dumbo and Toy Story. We will be linking these to all the areas of the curriculum. We are excited to carry out ice experiments, become pirates, learn about African animals and look at Cars and friction. 


Spring Term - 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary'

This term will be looking talking about what we have in our gardens, designing our own garden, learning about plants and flowers, and what they need to grow.


Summer Term - 'In the Summer time....'

During this term, we will be covering the following topics: mini beasts, transport, holidays and staying safe in the sun. We are hoping for lots of sunshine so we can go on lots of adventure 


Our Learning Environment

Mathematics and Numeracy

We use a variety of resources to develop our pupils' Maths and Numeracy skills. Our Maths activities are fun, practical and encourage independence. Our mathematical planning involves the five proficiencies within the curriculum. These are:


  • Conceptual understanding
  • Communication using symbols
  • Fluency
  • Logical reasoning
  • Strategic competence


We enjoy using concrete resources e.g. numicon, money, 2D and 3D shapes, counters, objects for 1-1 correspondence, and deines. Many of our activities are cross curricular, allowing the children many opportunities to consolidate their skills.

Look at our amazing 'Mathematics and Numeracy' Work!

Finding the correct Numicon piece in the jelly
Using Numicon to help us with money
We had to using our classifying skills to sort.
We used shapes to make a rocket
We order numbers in lots of ways!
We used 3D shapes to print
We enjoy practical games to learn fractions
Learning our number bonds to 10
We used loop cards to learn about money
More fraction fun!
We used our shapes to make a repeating pattern
1-1 correspondence skills
Matching numbers with pictures
We love playing games to help us learn
We looked at the prices of things in Tesco
We weighed out ingredients for Welsh Cakes
Identifying one more and one less
Using numicon to do number bonds to 100 and 1000
We did a block graph about pirates
We learnt about odd and even numbers

Languages, Literacy and Communication


We are to proud to provide a language rich environment to help support our pupils' oracy, reading and

writing skills. Pupils have lots of daily challenges which provide opportunities to help them their oracy skills. We work closely with external agencies to provide 1-1 Speech and Language support. There is lots of singing, signing and fun activities in the STF. We love our 'Jolly Phonics' sessions and we have lots of fiction and non fiction books for pupils to enjoy. There are lots of opportunities for mark making, recording and writing in all our learning areas. We learn about lots of different text types including stories, recount, instructions and poetry. We are so proud of all the amazing writing in STF!

Look at our amazing 'Languages, Literacy and Communication' Work

Visiting Stella the Reading Dog in the library
We enjoy our class discussions
Our chef cooking up a storm
Looking at pictures
Mark making using our fine motor skills
Ordering pictures for instruction witing
Retelling one of our favourite stories
Writing about fruit and vegetables
We made posters for 'Shwmae' day in Welsh
Using the Tuff spot to develop our oracy skills
Choosing a book on our fortnightly library trip
We discussed which were the most important rules
Writing about defence mechanisms in a castle
Mickey Mouse came to read us a story!
Making sentences in our speech therapy session
Finding rhyming words in a book
A story map of 'Handa's Surprise.'
A pumpkin poem for Halloween
Extending our writing using adjectives
A whole class writing activity on 'Friendship'
We read 1-1 with an adult every day
Writing how polar bears adapt to their environment
Using 'Reading Eggs' to help us learn
Using our garden centre to develop oracy skills

Health and Well Being


The 'Health and Well Being' of our pupils is our utmost priority in the STF. We are developing the capacity of learners to navigate life's opportunities and challenges. The fundamental components of this Area are physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social well-being. We will support learners to understand and appreciate how the different components of health and well-being are interconnected, and it recognises that good health and well-being are important to enable successful learning. Our planning ensures a consistent approach and health and well-being permeates all aspects of life within the STF. We aim to help our pupils become 'healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. By developing learners’ motivation, resilience, empathy and decision-making abilities, we can support them to become ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives. Learners can also be supported to become ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world by developing their ability to show respect, to value equity, to listen to others and to evaluate the social influences affecting them. Through enabling learners to manage risks, express ideas and emotions, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and take on different roles and responsibilities, the learning and experience in this Area can support learners to become enterprising, creative contributors ready to play a full part in life and work.

Look at our amazing work to improve our 'Health and Well Being.'

Practising our throwing skills
Practising our catching skills
Dribbling in and out of the cones
You've got a friend in me!
A class visit to Dobbies Garden Centre
Sports Relief PE lesson
Jumping and landing
We enjoy relaxing in our ball pool room
Enjoying a snack with our friends in Tesco
Pumpkin Picking in the Poundffald Farm
We have a 'Dojo Star of the Week' trophy
We celebrate all of our achievements
Balancing skills in PE
We learnt how to juggle in our circus PE Lesson
Playing in the park with our friends
A sunny morning in Gnoll Park
We recognise the qualities of a good friend
Sharing a book and talking about our families
Freaky Friday football in the gym
Enjoying a birthday celebration with friends
A party on the moon for the story 'Whatever Next'
Developing our gross motor skills
Eating our Christmas dinner together
Having a snack and a chat in the Phoenix Centre

Science and Technology


The importance of science and technology in our modern world cannot be under estimated. Developments in these areas have always been drivers of change in society, underpinning innovation and impacting on everyone’s lives economically, culturally and environmentally. As such, the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience will be increasingly relevant in the opportunities young people encounter and the life choices that they make.Our pupils have a range of experiences and have access to a variety of resources which fosters their natural curiosity of the quickly changing world around them. Pupils have the opportunities to use an IPAD daily for a variety of educational games, along with their weekly ICT session in the schools computer suite. Some of our pupils attend the schools 'Coding Club,' using programs such as 'Scratch.'

Look at our amazing 'Science and Technology Work'

We huddled together like emperor penguins
We were exploring sound in Music Therapy
We used the 'Bee Bot' to help us learn about Space
An example of our 'Sensory Garden'project
In the garden for inspiration for our own design
Designing a 'sensory' miniature  garden
We learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly
We put seeds in food bags and watched them grow
Learning about hat vegetables need to grow
A floating and sinking experiment
Our 'Frozen' melting experiment
Making labels for our miniature gardens
Changing states from liquid to solid with jelly
Using ICT to help us learn about the solar system
Learning about friction using cars and diggers
Showing how we make jelly through pictures
Using a robot to do some coding
Writing a 'Bee' fact file using office HWB
The IWB  is used daily in our lessons
Using 'Scratch' in Coding Club
Planting flowers for Mothers Day
An excellent replica of the Kenyan flag using ICT
Learning how animals adapt to their environment
'Reading Eggs' is a huge part of our daily routine



The Humanities Area of Learning seeks to awaken a sense of wonder, fire the imagination and inspire learners to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This area encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and articulate the past and the present.

The area encompasses geography; history; religion, values and ethics; business studies and social studies. Humanities is central to learners becoming ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.

In contemporary and historical contexts, investigation and exploration of the human experience in their own localities and elsewhere in Wales, as well as in the wider world, can help learners discover their heritage and develop a sense of place. It can also promote an understanding of how the people of Wales, its communities, history, culture, landscape, resources and industries, interrelate with the rest of the world. Contemplating different perspectives will in turn help promote an understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity within Wales. Taken together, these experiences will help learners appreciate the extent to which they are part of a wider international community, fostering a sense of belonging that can encourage them to contribute positively to their communities. It is important that learners reflect upon the impact of their actions and those of others, and how such actions are influenced by interpretations of human rights, values, ethics, philosophies, religious and non-religious views.

Look at our amazing 'Humanities' work!!

Learning about 'field to fork' with bread
Tasting bread
Exploring our locality and picked pumpkins
Making Hedgehog bread
Where do fruit and vegetables come from?
How does fruit get to our supermarkets?
Learning about milk production
Learning about Shrove Tuesday
Tasting food from around the world
The History of Wales
Learning about defence mechanisms in a castle
Exploring parks in our locality
Using ICT to recreate the Kenyan flag
 Animals around the world
Labelling different continents
Map and Coordinates work
Remembrance Day
Making a poppy wreath
Learning about Polar Regions
A concert in our local church

Expressive Arts


The dynamic nature of the expressive arts can engage, motivate and encourage learners to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full. The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience spans five disciplines: art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music. Although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge and body of skills, it is recognised that together they share the creative process. Importantly, this Area wants to make the expressive arts accessible to all learners and, through this inclusive approach, expand the horizons of every learner. Experiencing the expressive arts can engage learners physically, socially and emotionally, nurturing their well-being, self-esteem and resilience. This can help them become healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. Finally, through the enjoyment and personal satisfaction they gain from creative expression, learners can become more confident, which can contribute directly to enriching the quality of their lives. In the STF, all pupils get the opportunity to express themselves creatively on a daily basis. We are lucky to have access to 'Music Therapy' which we participate in weekly. 


Look at all of our amazing 'Expressive Arts' Work!!

Making a harp for St.Davids Day
KS2 Music Therapy session
Learning a steady beat on the drum
Home made Christmas cards
Our very ow rock star
Aye Aye Captain!
3D Shape printing
FP Music Therapy Session
Using oil pastels to draw flowers
Making cards for Mothers Day
A collage of a flower
We love potato printing!
African art
Fun with the parachute in Music Therapy
Creating a fluffy polar bear
We made popcorn boxes for our cinema afternoon!
A beautiful garden picture
Fun in our creative area
Fingerprint art for our topic 'Dumbo.'
Hand print and collage art for the circus
Using pastels to copy African patterns
Painting a sunset for our work on the Lion King
Using pasta to make pirate jewelery
Decorating our pumpkins for Halloween

Learning Through Play

Learning Outside the Classroom


Infant STF: We may all be different but in this school we swim together.

Mrs. Totty loves teaching in the Infant STF!

Literacy skills

Infant STF reading corner.
Junior STF reading corner.
We look at a range of topic books!
We read 'Harry and the Dinosaurs' books this term.

We love to explore the park and play on the equipment!

Climbing is fun!
Sometimes we can spin round!
Pretending to sail a ship!
We have lots of fun playing together!
Taking a ride!
Hold on tight!
Clever boy balancing!
I climbed up by myself!
We love visiting the park!

Playing in the activity park in the Gnoll!

We love cooking and baking in the STF!

Things we enjoy in the Infant STF!

We like to learn our numbers!
We have help to count and add up!
We like to do our best!
Exploring and learning.
Motor skills are important to learn.
Messy work is fun!
We loved our dinosaur picnic!
Creative drawing with dinosaurs' help!
We love our role play areas!
We pretend to be people who help us.
Exploring and finding out about water.
Using and learning about different materials.
We join mainstream classes for things like P.E.
Different movements.
Stretch high!

We are Junior STF!

Things we enjoy in the Junior STF!

We love board games!
Performing is fun!
Playing and working as a team.
We can relax in our 'Chill Out Corner'...
We use our role play area a lot!
We love dressing up! Ho, ho ho!
Wigs and costumes are fun!
Costumes and props are fun!
Creative work is fun and messy!
Maths equipment.
We love the STF Play Football League!
Learning ball skills.
Football is fun!
We enjoy learning new skills!

Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor chalkboard is great for sketching!
Dinosaurs like being outdoors too!
Creating images.
Exploring the outdoor habitat.
We love our 'mud kitchen'!
A dinosaur outdoor tea party!

Exploring outdoors! Gnoll Country Park, Neath.

Watch out for the troll under the bridge!
We love woodland walks.
Feeding the ducks is fun!
We try counting the birds in the water.
Looking for wildlife.
We spotted 2 squirrels!
The squirrels were very tame!
We spotted a decorated secret Christmas pebble!
Wellies are needed!
Counting the big steps down the hill.
So many colours in nature!
Our 'Outdoors' display in the Junior STF.

Our visit to Carmarthen Museum: exploring the past

Arrival in the main hallway.
Fun exploring the hands-on creative room!
Drawing artefacts.
Trying on the wildlife specs!
Habitat wildlife!
Beautiful drawing skills.
Puzzles to solve.
Looking at artefacts from years ago.
We explored the old kitchen.
Learning about World War 1.
Learning about World War 1.
Learning about World War 1.
Pretending to be school children of 100 years ago.
Pretending to be school children of 100 years ago.
Pretending to be school children of 100 years ago.
Pretending to be school children of 100 years ago.
Pretending to be school children of 100 years ago.
Mr.Rees was a very strict old fashioned teacher!
Exploring 20th Century technology.
We had our lunch in the old chapel!
Telephone receptionist!
Exploring 20th Century technology.
We loved examining the displays.
We loved examining the displays.
We loved examining the displays.
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
Posing with a Roman soldier!
We loved examining the displays.
We loved examining the displays.
We loved examining the displays.
We loved examining the displays.
Observational drawing.
Observational drawing.
Observational drawing.
Observational drawing.
Looking at artefacts from years ago.
Leaving the museum - what a fantastic day out!

Music Therapy

We love playing the different instruments!
Making sounds and music is fantastic!
Taking it in turns to play!
We also love listening to music in class!
Our Music Therapy display.

Autumn leaves for creating works of art!

Designing and making robots!

We used junk modelling.
Designing is fun!
Concentration is needed!
Painting different colours.
Making design choices.
Design decisions!
Using different tools.
Apron on and ready to go!
Wow! Look what we can use to design and make!
Designing is fun!
Our robots start taking shape!
All our robots in a group photo!

Our Autumn Term Topic : Dinosaurs!

We created a 3-D landscape of clay dinosaurs!
Junior STF display of our dinosaur work.

Christmas Fun in the school fete!

Mr Griffiths, our very own Christmas elf!
Our Christmas Fete STF stall was a success!
We made lots of things to sell!
Our staff worked really hard to sell our wares!
We are getting into the festive spirit!
Mrs Totty and Mr Rees in their festive jumpers!

5th March 2019 : Pancake Day!

The pancakes were delicious!
We could choose our favourite topping!
We rolled the pancakes before eating them.
We learnt about why we celebrate Pancake Day.
Tasty pancakes!
Chocolate spread was a tasty topping!
This was a good activity in class!

World Book Day: 7th March 2019

We loved dressing up as book characters!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Year 8 pupils from DTCS came to read to us!
Horrid Henry!
Mrs Osmond was one of the 101 dalmations!
Another Horrid Henry!
Princess Aurora.
PC Plod!
Where's Wally?
Harry Potter!
Spin those webs, webslinger!
Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Yet another Horrid Henry!
The Incredible Hulk!

11th March: Science Week

We learned all about how the brain works.
Our Amazing Brain!
We even made 'brain hats'!
William concentrates with his brain!
Brain hats are cool!
Levi loves his brain!

Our class prayer... "Hands together, eyes closed. Dwylo ynghyd, llygaid ar gau."