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Croeso Pawb - Welcome everyone.


This is our Reception Class Page. Here we will be posting up and coming events as well as pictures of the children enjoying daily activities. 


The Reception Team 

Teacher - Miss Guy

Teaching Assistants - Miss Davies and Miss Lenihan. 

Teacher - Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Parton and Miss Ashley. 



Here is some important information regarding our daily life in Reception.


Snack Time

Children will receive a piece of fruit daily. We kindly ask you to provide £1.50 every Monday to cover the cost of this. 




Miss Smith - Thursday

Miss Guy - Friday

Children to come to school dressed PE ready! 

**jogging trousers, t-shirt, jumper with trainers**



Reception enjoying their ballet sessions this term. A big thank you to Tiny Toes Ballet and Miss Sammy for organising such lovely sessions. 



Growth Mindset

We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind

ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Mrs Smith remind us that 'practise makes better!'  We listen to 'Try Everything' by Shakira

and 'What I am' by Go check them out! yes


Spring Term 2022

'On the Farm' 



Reading Homework 1



Our Story Box

We want to make reading a fun and enjoyable experience, one which we hope parents will promote at home. Our 'Star of the Week' will get the opportunity to take this story box home. The box contains a story and related activities based on our theme.




We have been trying hard to recognise and name all sounds a-z. 

Here we are taking part in activities which help us!



We've also been working hard to sound out and blend words. These words are called consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words.




This term we are learning to form letters during focused tasks. We have been learning the RWI rhymes to help us.



We are trying really hard to hold the pencil correctly using a tripod grip. We are practicing to follow simple tracking patterns. Some of us have been tracing the letters in our name! 




We have been reading, writing and ordering numbers. We have also been learning number bonds to 10 and working on our measuring skills using non standard units. 




This is the number rhyme that we use to help us with number formation. 


Pupil Voice-'Freaky Friday'

Every Friday children have the opportunity to plan their own activities. They love taking part in the planning process and are naturally more attentive and responsive as a result.



Our chosen Freaky Friday activities.




Independent Learning - Becoming 'ambitious and capable learners'

Children are encouraged to work as independently as possible. Tasks are set in the Continuous and Enhanced Provision Areas which challenge children appropriately. Take a look at some independent learning....






We hope that you have enjoyed exploring our page.

Please come back again soon to see lots more of

what we have been up to. 

Lots of love,  

The Reception Team xxx

Here are pictures of us enjoying Reception!