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 Croeso Pawb - Welcome Everyone xxx

This is our Reception Class Page.

Here we will be posting up and coming events as well as pictures of the children enjoying our daily activities. Please visit often and keep up to date with all that's happening in Reception! 



The Reception Team 

Miss Guy, Miss Hill, Miss Roberts and Mrs Godsall. 

Miss Solomon, Miss Evie, Mrs Parton and Miss Zoe. ​​​​​​


Easter 2021


We had an egg hunt and found lots of chocolate eggs. The Easter Bunny even left us chocolate lollies as a treat for working so hard 👍


​​​​​​Unfortunately, we won't be able to invite you in to watch our concert this year but we will be recording the children performing their Easter songs. This will be available for you to watch on ClassDojo. We will provide the props etc so you will not need to buy anything xxx


The Easter Bunny came to visit us.... He popped his head through the windows!!! 🐇


Easter activities and challenges 



Comic Relief 2021

We wanted to make 'red nose biscuits'. We also wanted to complete an obstacle course and take part in a bike race....we had so much fun! We also decided to take 'funny face selfies'. Thank you to everyone that donated ❤️


World Book Day 2021

We based the day around 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We decided for Freaky Friday that we wanted to make caterpillar biscuits, masks, taste foods from the story and complete a wiggle walk around the yard. We finished with listening to the story in the Round House. It was so much fun!


St. David's Day 2021

We have had a fantastic day celebrating. We took part in Welsh folk dancing, read a story about St David, tasted Welsh cakes and enjoyed watching a pre-recorded concert by the amazing Bronwen Lewis. What fun ❤️



Snack Times

We have a selection of fruit for the children to have during snack time. We kindly ask that you provide £1.50 per week to cover the cost of this. A member of staff will collect this on a Monday. Thank you xxx


Dinner Menu 

Please see office regarding your unique Squid details and how to set this up 🍽️


Miss Solomon - Thursday 

Miss Guy - Friday 

Children to come to school dressed PE ready! 

**jogging trousers, t-shirt, jumper with trainers**



Growth Mindset

We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind

ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Miss Solomon

remind us that 'practise makes better!' 

We listen to 'Try Everything' by Shakira

and 'What I am' by

Go check them out! yes


Spring Term 2021

'Fabulous Farms' and 'A Bugs Life' 

We have been sorting animals - ones that live on a farm and ones that don't! We've also been placing numbered animals in the correct order! We talked about animals and their produce and learned the names of baby animals ❤️


Summer Term 2021

'Under the sea' and 'Land Ahoy!

Here we are exploring the 'Under the Sea' tray..... We found lots of sea creatures 🐳🐟🐬

Loving our Ice-cream Shop Role Play Area. Ice-cream anyone?? 🍦🍧🍨

We listened to clues and then had to go and hunt for different sea creatures. We now know lots more about them :) 🐬🐟🐳

We played a game where we worked in small groups to read the name of different sea creatures. We then had to go and find the correct picture hidden around the classroom. 

We researched facts about different sea creatures. We then wrote 3 facts about our favourite one..

We explored the water tray to see what sea creatures were swimming inside.... 



We've been playing inside our very own pirate ship. We've also been making pirate hats, telescopes and finding hidden treasure around the class. 


We have been trying hard to recognise and name all sounds a-z. 

Here we are taking part in activities which help us!


We've also been working hard to sound out and blend words. These words are called consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words. 

See below for reading homework. 

In addition, we will also be learning High Frequency Words.



This term we are learning to form letters during focused tasks. We have been learning the RWI rhymes to help us.



Here we are completing the pirate language challenge.... Reading words/sentences in a bottle... 


Here we are working very hard during our maths groups. We have been reading, writing and ordering numbers, writing addition sentences and learning all about time👌

We use the number rhyme below to help us form numbers 👍



We cracked open Easter eggs to find addition number sentences. We practised writing them and worked together to find the answers. 

We practiced addition using pirates treasure coins to help us. We had a go at writing the sums too! 


We worked as a team to make the butterfly wings symmetrical. We did a fab job at our first attempt! 


​​​​​​We received a letter from the Giant from 'Jack and the Beanstalk'..... He left footprints around our class. Our challenge was to measure them and order them from shortest to longest. We did a fab job! 

Number Bonds

Here we are working out the different number bonds to 10. We used a tower of 10 blocks to help us find all of the possibilities 👍

Odd and Even 

We worked in groups to sort out the numbers into odd and even piles. We used blocks to see if we could share the numbers equally 👌

Using ICT to reinforce odd and even numbers.... 


Pupil Voice

'Freaky Friday'

Every Friday children have the opportunity to plan their own activities for Freaky Friday. They love taking part in the planning process and are naturally more attentive and responsive as a result. 

​​​Our chosen 'Freaky Friday' Activities.... 



Independent Learning - Becoming 'ambitious and capable learners' 

Children are encouraged to work as independently as possible. Tasks are set in the Continuous and Enhanced Provision Areas which challenge children appropriately. Take a look at some independent learning.... 



​​​​​​Learning how to use animation. We had fun making our own animations during 'Freaky Friday' 👍

We've been practicing to drop images from the picture bank. We created our own 'Under the Sea' picture 💙

We loved counting the sea creatures to find out how many there were on screen... 



Navigating the pirate to find the hidden treasure. We've been learning 'up', 'down', 'left' and 'right'. 


Are the words real or not? A pirate related word game... 

Health and Well-being 

Thank you so much to the Design to Smile Team who delivered a virtual oral health session. We learned the importance of looking after our teeth. We need to remember the number 2. We need to brush our teeth twice a week for two minutes and visit the dentist twice a year xxx




We hope that you have enjoyed exploring our page.

Please come back again soon to see lots more of

what we have been up to. 

Lots of love,  

The Reception Team xxx