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Croeso i Derbyn!

Welcome to our Reception Class Page!



Our staff in Reception are:

Teachers - Miss Guy and Miss Solomon.

Teaching Assistants - Miss Hill, Miss Roberts, Miss Hall, Miss Evie, 

Mrs Parton and Miss Nessa. 




Here you will find lots of important information

about what's going on this term. 

We will also be posting some of our lovely work as well

as photos of the fun activities and school

trips that we have been on.


Our theme this term is...

 'All About Me!'

Throughout the term we will be learning all about;


*Our body/Looking after me


*Autumn & Harvest

*People Who Help Us





ICT Sessions - Children will be going up to experience working on the computers in the ICT suite once a week.

PE Sessions - Miss Solomon's sessions on a Thursday and

Miss Guy's sessions on a Friday.

Please can children come dressed appropriately on their PE day!

Thank you xxx


Up and coming events!

*Christmas Trip - The Poundffald Farm, Three Crosses on

Wednesday 4th of December 2019. Information to follow!

*Library Trip - To be confirmed!

*Story Time with Janet Chaplin - Monday the 11th of November.


'Star of the Week!'

Our school mascot is Bubsy. You will have the

pleasure of meeting Bubsy when he

comes to your house to stay! He will go home with the

'Star of the Week' on a Friday, spend time with their family

and will be brought back on a Monday. Children will share

their weekend news with the rest of the class. 


Reading Books

After the October half term we will be sending

home reading books, along with Reading Records. We ask that

you make a brief comment in their record book each time you

hear them read. Make reading time a pleasure for you both. 

Sharing a book at bedtime allows children to learn

the importance of putting expression into their reading and it is a great time for you to relax! A great emphasis is put upon 

reading in Reception so ensure that you read with your child 

as often as possible. Read a variety of texts including

magazines, bookscomics, poems and information books!

The Phoenix Library offers a range of these and

is a great place to start!


Kind Reminders!

Please can all clothes be labelled with your child's name.

We will collect £1.50 every Monday to cover the cost of

our daily fruit snack and also our weekly cooking sessions.

Diolch yn fawr! smiley


Take a look at some of the work that we have been doing...



Our Senses

We have been learning about our 5 senses. We have had fun taking part in 'feely bag' activities to use our sense of touch to guess 'beth sy yn yr bag?'. We played 'Eye Spy' using our sense of sight. We really enjoyed using our sense of taste to discover what flavour crisps we liked the best. We made a chart to help us work out which was the least and most popular flavour. We had to guess the correct animal sounds using our sense of hearing and finally we took part in a 'Smelly Cup' challenge where we had to guess the correct smell.


Story Sessions

We enjoy our Story Sessions in Reception. So far this term we have read 'The Rainbow Fish' and 'Funny Bones'. We have been learning all about the features of books. We look forward to Janet Chaplin coming into visit us next month. She will be reading a story related to our next theme 'People Who Help Us'. 




Learning how to play interactive games. We love 'Hairy Letters' and 'Monkey Maths'. We have also been developing our mouse control by learning how to 'drag and drop' objects on screen...




Maths across the Curriculum

We have been singing our favourite number songs to help us recognise numbers and take away one. We have also been learning to recognise and write numbers through play.



We have also been matching numbers to the correct number of objects...



 'Growth Mindset' 



We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Miss Solomon remind us that 'Practise make perfect!' 

We listen to 'Try Everything' by Shakira

and 'What I am' by

Go check them out! yes




We have been reinforcing letter sounds. We have also been trying hard to read and write our own names! We also had fun learning some tricky words when playing 'football'.


Mark Making 

We are learning to hold our pencils using the

tripod grip. We have also been developing our pencil control by 

completing different mark making activities!