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 This is our Reception Class Page.

Here we will be posting up and coming events as well as pictures of the children enjoying our daily activities. Please visit often and keep up to date with all that's happening in Reception! 



The Reception Team 

Miss Guy, Miss Hill, Miss Roberts and Mrs Godsall. 

Miss Solomon, Miss Evie, Mrs Parton and Miss Zoe. ​​​​​​



Class Dojo

Please can you sign up to our class Dojo, if you haven't already done so. We will be communicating with you on there and setting any homework tasks etc. Please see a member of staff if you would like a copy of your log in details xxx


We have a selection of fruit for the children to have during snack time. We kindly ask that you provide £1.50 per week to cover the cost of this. A member of staff will collect this on a Monday. Thank you xxx



​Miss Solomon - Thursday

Miss Guy - Friday 

Children to come to school dressed PE ready - jogging trousers, t-shirt, jumper with trainers ❤️


We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind

ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Miss Solomon

remind us that 'practise makes better!' 

We listen to 'Try Everything' by Shakira

and 'What I am' by

Go check them out! yes

Our theme this term is.... 

'All about Me'

We've been learning about the parts of our body and our five senses! Here we are taking part in a 'smelly pot' task. We had to use our sense of smell to try and identify what was in each pot! 

We also labeled the different parts of our body. We have also been learning the Welsh names for each body part 👍



We have been trying hard to sound out and blend words. These words are called consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words, for example, sad, mad, at, pen, pig etc.  

In addition, we will also be learning High Frequency Words. These are the HFW words that we will be learning this term.... 


This term we are learning to form letters during focused tasks. We have been learning the RWI rhymes to help us.




Here we are working very hard during our maths groups. We have been learning to count forwards and backwards, recognise and write numbers, recognise and name 2D shapes and also make 2 and 3 colour patterns 👌

We recorded our favourite Halloween treats using a tally chart. We then created a bar graph to show the results. We found that the most popular treat was a lollipop 🍭


Independent Learning - Becoming 'ambitious and capable learners' 

Children are encouraged to work as independently as possible. Tasks are set in the Continuous and Enhanced Provision Areas which challenge children appropriately. Take a look at some independent learning.... 



​​​​​​Halloween Fun

We made our own magic potion..... It turned into our favourite sweet treats. We also had lots of fun dressing up for our class party. We also did lots of lovely Halloween activities in class xxx



​​​​​​​​​​​Fun with fireworks


​​​​​​​​Health and Well-being 

Thank you so much to the Design to Smile Team who delivered a virtual oral health session. We learned the importance of looking after our teeth. We need to remember the number 2. We need to brush our teeth twice a week for two minutes and visit the dentist twice a year xxx


We hope that you have enjoyed exploring our page.

Please come back again soon to see lots more of

what we have been up to. 

Lot of love,  

The Reception Team xxx