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Welcome to Reception!





Here you will find lots of important information about what's going on this term. 

We will also be posting some of our lovely work as well as photos of the fun activities and school trips that we have been on.


Our theme this term is...





Throughout the term we will be learning all about;


*Our body/Looking after me


*Autumn & Harvest

*People Who Help Us





We have sent home the Autumn Term homework grid for you to select activities to complete with your child at home. Please see us if you need another copy! 


ICT Sessions - Every Monday Morning

PE Sessions - Miss Solomon - Thursday and Miss Guy - Friday

Please can children come dressed appropriately on their PE day!

Thank you xxx


Christmas Trip - The Gower Heritage - Thursday 20th of December. Letters to be sent out soon! 


Take a look at some of the work that we have been doing...



Our Senses

We have been learning about our 5 senses. We have had fun taking part in 'feely bag' activities to use our sense of touch to guess 'beth sy yn yr bag?'. We played 'Eye Spy' using our sense of sight. We really enjoyed using our sense of taste to discover what flavour crisps we liked the best. We made a chart to help us work out which was the least and most popular flavour. We had to guess the correct animal sounds using our sense of hearing and finally we took part in a 'Smelly Cup' challenge where we had to guess the correct smell.


Here we are matching each sense to the correct body parts...



Story Sessions

We enjoy our Story Sessions in Reception. Here we are learning about the features of books. We look forward to Janet Chaplin coming into visit us again next week. She will be reading 'The Gingerbread Man'. 




Learning how to play interactive games. We love 'Hairy Letters' and 'Monkey Maths'...



We have also been developing our mouse control by learning how to 'drag and drop' objects on screen...




Maths Groups


We have been working hard to form our numbers!


Here we are doubling numbers!


Playing addition and subtraction games!


Learning strategies to help us add bigger numbers!


Maths across the Curriculum

We have been singing our favourite number songs to help us recognise numbers and take away we are singing '5 Little Speckled Frogs'...


Matching numbers to the correct number of objects...



We voted for our favourite mode of transport by standing in different areas in the classroom. Our teachers showed us how to create a tally chart! 


 'Growth Mindset' 



We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Miss Solomon remind us that 'Practise make perfect!'



Phonics Mornings!


Beginning our phonic sessions. We have been matching initial letter sounds to their objects...


Look at us having a go at making words using magnetic letters...

We are working hard to read and write words. Here we are writing words containing 'Special Friend' sounds...



Playing 'Sound Bingo!'



Reading Tricky Words!