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Moving forward, we will be posting a planning sheet which will set out ideas for you to cover for the duration of the week under each subject area. We will post one later today and then every Sunday to cover the following week. We hope this helps your homeschooling. We would love to hear from you so please keep sending us pictures and notes with how your child is getting on with their learning at home!

Please don't hesitate to contact us on the following emails:

Miss Guy -

Miss Solomon -

Stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you! 


Activity plan for week beginning 20.4.20

Activity plan for week beginning 27.4.20

Activity plan for week beginning 4.5.20

Activity plan for week beginning 11.05.20

Activity plan for week beginning 18.5.20

Activity plan for week beginning 25.5.20

Activity plan for week beginning 01.06.20

Activity plan for week beginning 08.06.20

Activity plan for week beginning 15.6.20


Number Formation Rhyme

Number 1 is straight and tall,

Stand him up, don’t let him fall.

Number 2 has a curvy top,

With a little platform then you stop.

Make two curls for number 3,

A curl for you and a curl for me.

Number 4 starts straight like 1,

Now make a cross like I have done!

A straight neck and a curl for number 5,

A cap on his head brings him alive.

6 has a sloping back curled round,

Tuck his tail in safe and sound.

7 has a cap and a long straight back.

He’s easy to write says Clever Jack!

8 is the curvy path in the street,

Around and down and up and meet.

A big round 0 and a long straight back,

That’s how you do number 9 says Jack.

Number 1 and a big round 0,

That’s number 10 you 


Letter Formation Rhyme


Wash your hands song!

           Sing to the Tune: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”                               

Wash, wash, wash your hands, make them nice and clean!

Wash the tops and bottoms, and fingers in between!

And don’t forget your thumb!

- Repeat twice 


Take a look at some free websites on how

to help your child learn at home.... 


Some additional activities you may like to try!

Task 1

😍Maths - Write numbers 1-20..on paper, outside in chalk etc. For a 'Bubsy Challenge' an adult can

point to a number and you can practise finding 1 more and 1 less.  
 😍Science - Make your own rainbow using skittles! 👀

Task 2
😍Play hide and seek, 
😍Write CVC words with 'magic paint '
😍Measure your toys with a tape or ruler, Can you put them in height order?
😍Play shop and practice buying items using coins to the value of £1, 

😍Read, read, read! 

Task 3
😍Writing challenge - Can you write your own name? Even your surname! 
😍 Science/Oracy - Go on a Minibeast hunt. What can you find?

Can you say 1 fact about each? 🐛🐞

Task 4

😍Maths - Go on a shape hunt around your home. How many 2D/3D shapes can you find? 
😍Literacy - Read CVC words. How many can you write on your own when a

grown up shouts them out? 

Task 5 

😍Maths - Practise counting in 2's. Match pairs of socks and count them in 2s up to 20.
😍Literacy - Practise learning some of the High Frequency Words from the sheets sent home.

Can you spot them in a story book? 

Task 6

smileyMaths/Creative Dev- Can you create your own Rainbow number bonds? You can use pencils,

chalks, crayons or even paint! How many number bonds to 10 can you find? Remember to use your fingers to help you if you get stuck! See examples below:

Task 7 
❤️Maths-Complete simple addition sums up to 10. For example 5+2=? Remember, put the biggest number in your head and count on using your fingers. 
❤️Science-Draw a picture of yourself and label the parts of your body! 

Task 8

❤️Learn about the 7 continents of the world. Where would you like to visit?

See if you can find a song to help you!

This is one of our favourites...


Useful YouTube

Please find below some links to some of the songs that we sing in class to help us with our learning smiley 

Just copy and paste the links and off you go! heart 


1. Reading and reciting numbers from 1-100 *

2. Learning and recognising 2D shapes *

3. Learning and recognising 3D shapes


4. Counting in 2's


5. Money - Recognising coins



1. Practise blending sounds for reading


2. Phonics blending song


3. Tricky words song


4. Days of the week


6. Months of the year



1. Lliwau'r Enfys (Colours of the rainbow) *

2. Mr Hapus ydw i


Fun Favourites

1. Shake your sillies out!


2. Tooty Ta Dance


3. Sleeping Bunnies


 Happy singing everyone! heart


High Frequency Words (HFW)

Here is a copy of the HFW we focus on... We work down the columns. Please practise the first column. The children will already be familiar with these words. Practise makes perfect :) xxx

Check out this website for some fab educational games...



Croeso i Derbyn!

Welcome to our Reception Class Page!




Our staff in Reception are:

Teachers - Miss Guy and Miss Solomon.

Teaching Assistants - Miss Hill, Miss Roberts, Miss Hall, Miss Evie, 

Mrs Parton and Miss Nessa. 

Here you will find lots of important information

about what's going on. 


ICT Sessions

Children will be going up to experience 

working on the computers in the ICT suite once a week.


PE Sessions

Miss Solomon's sessions on a Thursday and

Miss Guy's sessions on a Friday.

Please can children come dressed appropriately on their PE day!

Thank you xxx


Up and coming events!

Reception Immersion Day - Monday the 20th of January - Children will not need anything additional for this day!

Easter Bonnet Parade - Thursday 2nd of April at 1.30 pm

Trip to The Mountain View Ranch - Thursday 19th of March xxx


'Star of the Week!'

Our school mascot is Bubsy. You will have the

pleasure of meeting Bubsy when he

comes to your house to stay! He will go home with the

'Star of the Week' on a Friday, spend time with their family

and will be brought back on a Monday. Children will share

their weekend news with the rest of the class. 


Reading Books

We have now started sending

home reading books, along with Reading Records. We ask that

you make a brief comment the record book each time you

hear your child read. Make reading time a pleasure for you both. 

Sharing a book at bedtime allows children to learn

the importance of putting expression into their reading and it is a great time for you to relax! A great emphasis is put upon 

reading in Reception so ensure that you read with your child 

as often as possible. Read a variety of texts including

magazines, bookscomics, poems and information books!

The Phoenix Library offers a range of these and

is a great place to start!

Here are some great resources to purchase to help your child with their reading at home xxx


Take a look on this website...


Kind Reminders!

Please can all clothes be labelled with your child's name.

We will collect £1.50 every Monday to cover the cost of

our daily fruit snack and also our weekly cooking sessions.

Diolch yn fawr! smiley


Take a look at some of the work that we have been doing...



Learning all about telling the time!

We have enjoyed playing in our 'Time Station'.

We selected different time cards and practised

displaying them on the mini clocks. 


Making animal masks ready for our Immersion Day smiley 

We will be wearing these for the day. Our classroom will be transformed into a barn. The teachers are going to be the farmers and we will be the farm animals. We can't wait! 



Farm Animal Puppets

Here we are creating our own puppets to take home. We are getting really good now at manipulating tools and resources independently. 


Animals and their Young

We completed a 'Bubsy Challenge' where we had to

write the names of the animal babies.

We used the work bank to help us.


Our Farm Shop is now open!

Here we are having fun in our new Farm Shop....

Would you like to buy anything from us? cheeky


Our Immersion Day 2020...

Our classrooms have been transformed into a Farm Barn....

We are having so much fun dressed as our favourite farm animals!


Story Sessions

We enjoy our Story Sessions in Reception. So far this term we have read 'The Little Red Hen' and 'Farmer Duck'. We have been learning all about the features of books. We look forward to Janet Chaplin coming into visit us next month. She will be reading a story related to our current theme 'On the Farm'. 



Bubsy Challenges

We try and be as independent as possible. We select are own challenges to complete on our own. Here are some examples of our amazing efforts!



Here we are completing the daily Welsh weather chart.

We are learning the days of the week and also how to answer

the question 'Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?'



Learning how to play interactive games. We love 'Hairy Letters' and 'Monkey Maths'. We have also been developing our mouse control by learning how to 'drag and drop' objects on screen...




Day to day Maths

This term we are working hard to form our numbers correctly. We have been using a 100 square to practise. 



Maths Groups

We have been looking at patterns. In maths today

we made a patterned tower with blocks.

We used 3 colours to complete this!

Weekly Cooking

We enjoy cooking in Reception.

So far this term, we have made pancakes,

scrambled eggs on toast and bread rolls - yummy, yummy!


 'Growth Mindset' 

We sing our 'Growth Mindset' song every morning to remind

ourselves that we can improve all that we do if we just try!

Nothing is impossible! Miss Guy and Miss Solomon

remind us that 'practise makes perfect!' 

We listen to 'Try Everything' by Shakira

and 'What I am' by

Go check them out! yes




We have been trying hard to sound out and blend words along with trying to form letters correctly using the Read Write Inc rhymes.


This term we are learning to form letters during focused tasks. We have been learning the RWI rhymes to help us.


World Book Day - March 2020

We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite characters from

our favourite stories. The Junior children came down to read

us a story too - what a lovely day! xxx



We hope that you have enjoyed exploring our page.

Please come back again soon to see lots more of

what we have been up to. 

Lot of love,  

The Reception Team xxx