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Internet Safety Day 2016

Internet Safety Day 2016 – Tuesday 9th February


The slogan for this year’s internet safety day is

“Play your part for a better internet” 


The day is a perfect day for us to celebrate our rights –

Article 13: Your right to have information

Article 16: Your right to have privacy

Article 19: You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe

Article 36: You should be protected from doing things that could harm you

Bubsy will be pleased with us!

Bubsy will be pleased with us! 1

The pupils participated in different activities throughout the day - some language, maths, PSE, music and many more! Each class organised their own activities identifying how they can keep themselves safe while having fun online. Foundation phase loved learning with Smartie the penguin, whilst Y3/4 loved exploring the adventures of DigiDuck and his friends....... Look at some of the fantastic work that was completed on the day!

Look at the wonderful work we did on internet safety day!

There are lots of fantastic websites available for both parents and pupils. Feel free to visit the following websites for advice and guidance. If you have any concerns about your child's use of the internet at home and would like our help, please don't hesitate to come into school and chat to us smiley


To view our school e-safety policy, please see our policies section, which can be found in 'key information' in the 'about us' section.