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Digital leaders - LCI club

Digital Leaders - The LCI club


The LCI club is being run by Mrs Jones and Miss Roe whilst Mrs Brodrick is on maternity leave.


We meet every Wednesday 3:30-4:15. We have been learning to code and how to use Microbits. Come back soon to see what we have learnt!!

Digital Leaders - The LCI club

This term, Mrs Brodrick asked each of the teachers from Y1-Y6 for the name of a pupil who displayed excellent ICT skills, to create a more able and talented ICT team.


They meet every Monday during assembly time, and have been instructed with different jobs so far - their first job was to give themselves a name and design their own logo. After much discussion, they decided to call themselves the 'LCI club', standing for laptops, computers and I-pads, all of which they will be using during their sessions. The logo was more challenging - it took a real group effort as they wanted to show all the things they'd using, feature internet safety and include our rights mascot Bubsy. This is what they decided - the logo has been made into badges for each member to proudly wear!


Our digital leaders have already completed some very important jobs - adapting our ICT vision, creating a RRS charter for the ICT suite, introducing an internet safety day assembly...... look at them working so hard!

Our digital leaders group recently met with our school governor Vicar Alison, to interview her for the school website. They learnt lots about her!


What is your favourite hobby?

Well I haven’t got much time for hobbies as I’m so busy with my work, but I do enjoy riding on my scooter.

What jobs do you do that keep you so busy?

I have the task of the 'cure of souls' so I look after people within the community. I obviously lead the service in the Church on a Sunday, but also lead weddings, christenings, assemblies in school and things like Cheeky Monkeys. I love the things I do with the children, it’s really fun.

Have you got a big family?

I am one of 4 girls, so I have 3 sisters called Jennifer, Geraldine and Hilary. I have also got 4 girls myself – we’re a family of girls!

Are your daughters vicars too?

No, they’ve all been involved in the Church growing up but have not taken jobs in it. My oldest Ruth is taking a PhD in Cardiff, Naomi is doing a HND in computer programming, Deborah is a coffee barista in Cardiff and Mary is taking her A-Levels at the moment.

We love ICT here at Townhill – do you love it too?

Yes I do – I use a computer everyday and would struggle without it. Before I became a Vicar, I worked in computers. I worked for a company that transferred data on big rolls, not like on pendrives now!

Did you have a computer when you were our age?

No, computers hadn’t been thought of! I remember the first computer I had was an “apple” computer when I had my first job – we didn’t have laptops or i-pads as you have now.

In Y5/6, we have an i-pad each!

Wow! You’re so lucky! They are an excellent tool for learning.

You said you use a computer everyday, what do you use it for?

Well today I checked my emails when I woke, then used my computer to write a sermon. I then made resources to use in Cheeky Monkeys tonight, but I won’t tell you what as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is coming! I also made my resources for your assembly I’m delivering later.

Are you on social media at all?

Yes I am! I’m on facebook, Twitter and Snapchat – I used to be on Instagram but I got annoyed with it so I uninstalled it! Maybe you could send me a tweet, as I’ve seen the school likes to send out tweets regularly.

We think it’s important for people to keep safe online – do you make sure your profiles are safe?

Yes, I do. It’s really important for people any age to keep safe online, but definitely when you’re younger. People need to think about their digital footprint – everything you put online stays there and further employers will look at that, so people need to be careful.


A huge thank you to Vicar Alison for allowing us to interview her!




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