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Here in our ‘Additional Learning Needs’ (ALN) groups, we aim to provide those children who need it some extra literacy support in a small groups context.


Reading and writing skills underpin every other curriculum subject, so any progress made will help pupils considerably with every aspect of their mainstream class work on a day to day basis. Therefore we attach a great deal of importance to addressing any delay as early as possible. If it has been decided that your child requires additional literacy support, your child’s class teacher will let you know.


In the Foundation Phase, the ALN support is provided by Miss Saunders.  Mrs Gulley provides support for KS2.


During our group sessions, our primary aim is to ensure that our activities are as fun, varied and engaging as possible. The groups tend to vary in size between 2 and 5 children in the Foundation Phase and up to a maximum of 6 in Junior groups.  


Pupils are grouped according to ability, therefore tasks are planned to meet each child’s specific needs. In KS2, the pupils are taught phonics during Read, Write, Inc activities  and by using the multi-sensory Toe By Toe phonic reading tool. 


If your child belongs to one of these groups, we would like you to feel comfortable to come and discuss your child’s progress with  Mrs Burrows (ALNCo). 




Speech and Language


The importance of language development

Speech, language and communication skills are crucial to young children's overall development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child's development.  Therefore, at Townhill, we assess and monitor pupils' speech and language needs and provide support where necessary.


Early Years Speech and Language Toolkits: 

Wellcomm is a Speech and Language Toolkit for Screening and Intervention in the Nursery setting. It plays a crucial role in identifying children with potential language difficulties and offers a range of customised intervention activities to help support their language development.  


Speech and Language Link is a follow-on package that delivers quality support for our pupils that have speech and language problems  from Reception to Year 6.  For further information and activity ideas for your child visit;  



Our aim of using the Speech and Language Link is to extend the reach of speech and language therapists within Townhill Community School to support pupils with communication difficulties.


The screening assessments allow us to identify the speech and language needs of the pupils and the specific intervention that is required for their particular speech or language need.


Timetabled lessons/activities are provided for targeted pupils to help them overcome their communication problems. The pupils progress is monitored continually. 




Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a motivating, online program that builds reading skills, using a systematic and sequential approach. The program teaches pupils the key elements of phonemic awareness, phonic, sight vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

All pupils from year 1 to year 6 (including STF pupils) are provided with log in details.  The online program is available as an App on the pupils’ class I-pads. The program can also be accessed online at home.  Log-in details will be sent home.  Please contact your child's class teacher if you do not have your child's log-in details.  




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Multi-sensory activities

Peg Letter Spelling Games

Playing board games helps us with tricky spellings.

Playing 'Pairs' to help us with learning the tricky every day words.

Using the big board and magnetic letters for spelling games

Using computer games to help us read and spell