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Mrs. Karen David

Acting Headteacher


Having taught at Townhill school for over 20 years I know how important your children are to you. With this in mind, I can not tell you what a privilege it is to take on the role of acting headteacher.


At Townhill we aim to deliver a well-researched and organised curriculum that helps to ensure high levels of engagement and interest in lesson. Our experienced staff, both teaching and teaching support are trained to a high level to ensure this is achieved. In addition to gaining literacy, numeracy, scientific, physical, artistic and technological skills, your child will build confidence, develop self-reliance, learn to make decisions and develop the ability to articulate feelings and ideas. We attach great importance to the development of pupils' social skills, pupils are taught to be considerate, supportive and respectful of others. We aim to make sure that they enjoy their time in our school. We work on building their self- esteem and helping each child to reach their full potential.

As parents/carers, there are a number of things you can do to help:

* Do reassure your children about school: talk to them about their teacher, the activities they are doing, the friends they are making and the happy time they will have. Help them with reading and their homework projects.

* Tell us of any allergies, major health problems, or personal circumstances, which might be significant. This information will be regarded as confidential and will help us to care all the more effectively for your child; Keep us informed of any significant details relating to your child's education.

* Do not hesitate to come and see us if there is a matter you wish to discuss or any anxiety you wish to share. Remember, however, that some things are better discussed away from your children, at a time when the teacher is free to talk to you. We also have a superb Pastoral Manager who will help support your child and yourself it necessary.

We strongly believe that your involvement in your child’s education is crucial and we will provide frequent opportunities to keep you informed about the ways in which we are working with your child. We are keen to have parental involvement at all levels and if you have any worries or concerns please contact us you will be made very welcome.

Mrs Karen David
Acting Headteacher